Our experienced team can guide you though the process of choosing which material, shape and design of lettering best remembers your loved one.

We look after all aspects of the memorial process including applications for council or church consent plus administration of any fees payable


Our aim is to help you find the perfect memorial to fit your requirements. We offer a range of high quality materials, shapes and designs allowing you to find exactly what you’re after.

Depending on where you want the memorial to be erected, be it a cemetery or a churchyard, there will be particular rules and requirements to adhere to. Our expert team can help you understand exactly what type of stones and shapes are available for each location.

Continue reading below to find out more about each type of memorial we offer or click the button below to get in touch and speak to our friendly team.


Cemetery Memorials

We offer a wide range of memorials for Cemeteries in different coloured Granites, Welsh slate and White Marble as well as York, Sandstone, Portland and Limestone. These can have a more varied finishes and a wider range motifs, photos etc.

We also offer Cremations memorials in a variety of styles and sizes.

Van Dyne Decorations
Van dyne is a term we use that means we etch onto the surface of a polished granite memorial
which gives more detail and likeness.

Sand Blast Decorations
This is for deeper carved decorations such as Cross’s, Flowers and simple designs.

Churchyard Memorials

We offer traditional Churchyard memorials in a wide range of honed Granite, York, Sandstone, Portland and Limestone. Suffolk Churchyards have rules and regulations regarding the finish of the memorial stone and motifs and inscriptions.

We also offer Cremations memorials in a variety of styles and sizes (most Churchyards have their own rules regarding size and shape).

Simple headstones of natural stone with a matte finish can be placed on a grave. No black or red granite, marble-cross or bookset designs are permitted.

The headstone must not exceed 4ft high and a minimum of 2ft 6ins. Most churchyards have their own rules regarding cremation memorials. Inscriptions, decoration and carving should be approved by church authorities.

Bespoke Memorials

A ‘Masters’ bespoke memorial is an opportunity to discuss with our Award winning Masons, to incorporate your ideas as to type of material to design and create a fitting memorial on natural stone to produce a unique and fitting tribute of a loved one’s life.

Our experienced staff will guide and advise on church and cemetery authorities’ regulations. The final cost would reflect the amount of time in the design stages.

Cremation Memorials

Depending on the individual cemetery or churchyard, an upright or flat memorial may be used if an upright memorial is desired, any of the shapes on the Cemetery Memorials page can be chosen, usually within an overall height of 24″ and a width of 14″ by 2″ thick.

If your location requires a flat memorial, these are available in the full range of materials and can be plain or accommodate a flower container. A standard measurement is 12″ x 12″ but local custom may differ.

Desk style memorials, which slope towards the front, are a futher option in various sizes and materials. In some situations a vase block will be the most suitable form of memorial. Lettering can be carved on one or more sides.

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